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A well thought out crowd management plan answers many fears you and your team may have during a busy event before the big day. Using the right methods and tools to develop your plan will help you understand the dynamics of people flow, crowd behavior, situational awareness and, what not to do when things do not go according to plan.

Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still knows how to alleviate the security professional’s fears of threats in large crowds. He pioneered the science of crowd risk management and wrote the book on the topic in 2014 after years of experience at some of the highest profile events in the world. His courses are designed to walk you through the tools, methods and examples from over 20 years of crowd risk management planning. Once completed, your understanding of how to mitigate the risk of a crowd related incident will help you and your team develop a plan.

Read what others are saying about Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still’s expertise.

“We have great respect for the decades you have spent researching and expanding the bounds of crowd science. So many of the enhanced crowd risk analysis techniques used today are from your pioneering work.”
— NCS4

“Keith has done a great job of making the information accessible – I have left the workshop with both simple and effective tools to be able to build better plans and train our athletics staff more efficiently.”
— Rebecca Wilusz, Associate Director of Game Operations & Champion at Duke University Athletics

Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still has helped event planners such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, The UK Royal Family, SXSW in Austin, Texas, Manchester Arena and others to create a well thought out crowd management plan and through S2 | Foamhand can help you too.

Online Courses

Basics of Crowd Safety

Gain basic insight into the causes and prevention of crowd related disasters, and understand the relevant tools and methods to assess crowd safety and crowd risk analysis in places of public assembly. Upon passing the final exam a completion certificate is issued. Endorsed by NCS4.

Course syllabus available here

Essentials of Crowd Science

An in-depth study of the causes and prevention of crowd related disasters. Expanding on all themes in the Basics of Crowd Safety course with an extensive range of documents for further study. This course includes the 3DRTDS crowd visualising software and access to the Basics of Crowd Safety course. Certified by iiRSM (UK) and Highfield (UK)

Course syllabus available here

In Person Workshop

Book Prof. Dr. G Keith Still for an in-person workshop so that all your staff can be thoroughly trained in crowd risk management. As given at international safety organizations such as, Global Crowd Management Association (GCMA) or AIMS International this one-day workshop will provide students with an understanding of crowd science and help the team build a risk management plan.