Resourcing & Training


S2|FOAMHAND has a global team and a network of specialists to support you in the planning and operations of your personnel needs at each event.

  1. Security Consultancy
  2. Crowd Management and Stewarding Operations
  3. Event Services
  4. Volunteer Management
  5. Health & Safety


S2|FOAMHAND develops bespoke training available to all event levels. Our sister company S2 University produces event specific training drawing on our practical knowledge from our global experience. S2 University provides real-world skills, complimented by accredited courses in the following areas:

  1. Pre-Employment Evaluation
  2. Crowd Safety Training
  3. Venue Specific Training
  4. Role Specific Training

Your management team can access a reliable robust automated system at S2 University for tracking the training and induction progress of all your people.

Our team is experienced in delivering training across the globe including the Olympic Games, Champions League Finals and PGA Tour outdoor events.

We have the capacity to completely tailor your training and deliver world-class programs without limit on what you can or cannot have in your own specific training package.

S2 | FOAMHAND® Training with S2 University
S2 | FOAMHAND® event training
S2 | FOAMHAND® event training