Event Security Solutions

S2|FOAMHAND along with sister companies S2 Event Security and Rapiscan® Systems bring security evaluation, technology and operations all under one roof.

Event Security is a critical element to ensure your event is safe and secure.  We provide spectators an integrated experience to ensure their safety when attending your events.

S2|FOAMHAND has the unique capability to;

  • evaluate your security requirements in partnership with your security teams and local police forces
  • offer tailored solutions based on spectator demand, threat level and technology capability
  • manufacture, distribute, install, maintain and de-commission security technology anywhere in the world with our global teams in over 180 countries
  • develop bespoke solutions based on budgets to ensure short term events or high cost essential equipment can be shared, rented or reallocated to maximize best value in the industry.
  • Recruit, train, deploy and manage staff as part of an integrated operations or management team to suit your needs.
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