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Creating Value

S2 Global's CertScan® integration platform streamlines operations and turns data into intelligence


S2 Global’s integration platform, CertScan® helps organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in security, efficiency, revenue collection and compliance.


At our Port of San Juan scanning operation, S2 Global pioneered the integration of inspection images and adjudication with other systems such as access control, critical data from manifests and sharing with local agencies. Since 2011, our operations around the globe have inspected over one million containers and vehicles; and CertScan® has been at the center of our success.

The primary objective of the CertScan® platform is to increase the effectiveness of inspection operations for agencies and security providers in any industry. The robust platform achieves this through the unique combination of an integration platform, rules engine and common viewer for X-ray image analysis.

Rapid Processing

Handle increasing traffic in your entire inspection operation. CertScan® integration platform combines data from multiple sources and supports application-specific business rules. Manual processes can be automated, flows can be controlled, data points can become actionable intelligence.

Agile Decision Flows

Make decisions as information becomes available. Within CertScan®, processes can be managed on the fly using the agile decision flow system.  Designing different decision flows based on changing expectations facilitates a live action oriented operation.

Focused Resources

Free up personnel to focus on higher cognitive responsibilities. Let CertScan® automatically manage system tasks through the decision flow function and present the right intelligence to your people to make targeted decisions. CertScan’s user level options frees your resources up to put 100% of their attention on assigned roles.

Intelligence Loop

Share results and build upon your intelligence network. CertScan® uses data from outside services and within to create an intelligence loop to share and consider when building decision flows. CertScan® reports everything including system health, user stats and decisions made. And, with CertScan® training tools, resources are up to date with critical skills.

CertScan’s combination of integration platform, rules engine and common viewer performs thousands of inspections every day. A proven platform, ready to increase your inspection capabilities.

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