Can Data Integration Make Your Event Safer?

At the recent economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, the conversation centered around the continued threats that are posed to soft targets and crowded places, and stressed the importance of sharing leading practices and incentivizing investments to upgrade security for these venues.

The S2 Global CertScan™ integration platform can play an important role in strengthening security at sporting events and other venues by enabling non-intrusive inspection (NII) points to become complete intelligence and response centers.

CertScan™ can seamlessly integrate into existing systems to proactively improve operations at all checkpoints while providing actionable data at your event or venue. Checkpoint systems can strategically contribute crucial data to enhance security center operations.

Assess your inspection needs:

1) What existing data can you incorporate into your security operations?

2) How can this data be used with your checkpoint system to enhance operational efficiencies?

3) How do you design the checkpoint to move screened traffic and/or materials through as quickly as possible, while at the same time accomplishing all the necessary checks?

4) Now that the checkpoint system is providing rich, relevant data, how can you use that data to proactively improve:

  • operations
  • planning
  • cost control
  • training
  • optimization of revenue streams

Contact us to enhance your screening operations with the S2 Global CertScan™ integration platform.