Accelerate: The Training Issue


Welcome to the latest issue of Accelerate, a magazine highlighting developments in security screening solutions. This issue is focused on training.

Training personnel to detect contraband, deter threats or screen spectators requires an increasingly higher level of preparation and sophistication. This issue explores how to prepare your workforce with the skills and knowledge to succeed.

The secret sauce to effective training is deploying real-world scenarios and information, delivered by trainers with hands-on operational experience. Being a talented trainer is not enough. Trainers should speak the same language and use real information. The result? High-performing personnel who make smarter, faster decisions. For a closer look at successful training methods, read “Is Your Team Ready To Drive?” on p. 4.

Training with experienced trainers and real information supports the skills of your personnel. S2 University’s Smuggling Trends Map (p. 14) provides a window into what highly trained personnel are finding and stopping at borders.

Progress in the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as immersive training tools is enabling students to dive deeply into multidimensional imagery to get comfortable with technology and be better prepared with critical skill levels at their position. See “What Lies Ahead” on p. 16.

Enjoy Accelerate!

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